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dog training testimonialsTiffany S.

Megan is an exceptional dog trainer & pet professional. I began working with Megan after being let down by another training service, the difference was night and day. Megan evaluated my dog and developed a plan specific to our needs. Her knowledge and experience was evident at every training session. Megan is reliable and dependable, she was with us through hardships and to celebrate triumphs. She also has a positive attitude that makes working through all pet training challenges easier. You and your pet will be in the most capable caring hands. I highly recommend Megan for any pet needs.

dog training testimonialsNathan S.

I have noticed such a difference in Zoe since I’ve started working with Megan as our trainer. I noticed a change in less than one day. I have been very happy with the results of our obedience training and look forward to continuing to work with Megan. Zoe has become a much calmer dog and is listening so much better. Zoe actually enjoys training with Megan and is always happy and smiling during the exercises.

dog training testimonialsJohn S.

We adopted a 4-year old beagle from the SPCA and it was apparent from the start that he would need some special attention, love and behavior modification. Records indicated that he came from a very abusive background. In the beginning I was not sure if I would be able to cope with Sammy’s anxieties and related issues. Then came Megan and all that changed. In no time at all Megan had calmed Sammy (and me) down and gave us a skill set to train and reassure our pup. Initially walking Sammy was more of a chore, but now it’s really a pleasure as he is so much better adjusted to walking on the leash. Beyond trainer, Megan is also Sammy’s afternoon walker, and when she comes into the house Sammy lights up and is delighted to see his new best buddy. So glad that Megan came into our lives… she’s the best!

dog walking testimonialsWendell A.

Megan has proven to have an outstanding knowledge of dogs and canine thought processes. When it comes to “thinking like a dog” Megan is the one you want! She has proven herself not only as an exceptional dog advocate and trainer but also as a responsible and thoughtful professional.

dog walking testimonialTim P.

I was referred to Megan at K9dness by a co-worker when she learned that I was looking for a dog trainer. My Black & Tan Coonhound Roscoe rescue broke out of two wire crates so I had to decide what to do next. I was desperate for training help for me and my new dog so I was thrilled when I spoke with Megan for the first time. She quickly calmed me down, made some suggestions for correcting the bad behaviors and was very optimistic that we could solve the problems. After a one-on-one at my apartment with me and my dog, there was immediate improvement. She taught me how to teach Roscoe how to like his new crate so he wouldn’t want to escape and would be comfortable in it when I was away. I kept in close contact with Megan over several weeks, providing detailed updates and progress reports. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan to anyone who wants to improve their dog’s behavior. I think what sets her apart is that she educates dog owners so they are able to train their dog themselves over time!

baltimore dog walkingJuliet D.

My 4 lb. toy poodle has stayed with Megan twice now, and both times he loved his vacay. I was thrilled with the care he received at Megan’s house. My little dude can be a bit of a grump and tends to be standoffish around other dogs. Megan has three dogs of her own and my pup had a fantastic time and seemed to get along with the pack just fine. Megan is super knowledgeable about dog behavior and even worked on some training with my dog during his stay. I could tell my dog had spent lots of time running around outside, and when we got home he was exhausted – a very good sign. I highly recommend Megan and my dog will be staying with her again.

baltimore dog walkingLaura V.

If you ever have to travel for work or go on a vacation and have had to leave the care of your beloved dog to a kennel but have had concerns about the quality of care your four-legged family member may be getting at a kennel or with a dog-walking service. Well, look no further, because Megan is the answer to your prayers! I have hired Megan many times for my American Bulldog named Jake for these services: mid day walk play-dates for socialization and personalized one-on-one dog training at my house. Not only is Jake calmer and easier to walk, listens to my commands, and is just easier to be with in the house, but I now feel guilt-free leaving my dog for days when I have to travel for work, knowing he will have exceptional care with Megan. Megan, who obviously has a deep passion and love for the care of our furry family members, is the best trainer, sitter and care-taker for dogs I have ever met. Thank you so much Megan!

baltimore dog trainingIrina M.

Our dog Ash stayed with Megan over the holidays. Megan updated us daily about Ash (pictures and texts). I think Ash had a great time playing Megan’s dogs and hiking with her. He was tired and happy when we got back! I can tell that Megan is great with dogs because Ash is always excited to see her when she occasionally comes to take him on a walk :) Megan is very responsive to any questions about dogs and requests for help. I would highly recommend Megan as a knowledgeable courteous professional to help with your dog sitting/walking/training needs!

baltimore dog trainingJoel E.

My MinPin Tex stayed overnight with Megan and her dogs and he had a great time! Megan immediately got Tex acclimated to her home and I would feel very confident leaving him with her again in the future. Megan is definitely a dog person and it shows. MinPins can be a handful at first yet she took the necessary steps to get him settled right in!

dog training testimonialsLynde P.

Megan was knowledgeable about how to integrate our dog with her other dogs as well as extremely accommodating in dealing with our dog’s idiosyncrasies and traits. She maintained great communication throughout our vacation and provided our dog with a safe and loving home. What more could you ask for?

dog training testimonialsCarrie R.

Megan walks our dogs several times a week. It has made such a difference for us and our dogs on the days she comes by! They are happier and our nights are much more relaxing! She also works with our dogs on reactivity to other dogs, squirrels, rabbits, etc. to help make our walking experience with our pups more enjoyable! Our dogs love Megan and walking days and so do we!

dog training testimonialsColleen M.

My dog Polo and I are so lucky to have Megan as our dog sitter. I am sure that Polo received extra TLC while staying with Megan. He is on his own little vacation of his own! She is very knowledgeable on dog behavior, so was able to reinforce our training plan during his stay. Megan made me feel at ease with regular pictures and updates. She treats Polo as one of her own (even though I know he can be a pain. Megan is extremely dependable and her passion for animals is obvious. Polo is always very excited to go stay at her house, and although he’s happy to see me when I return, he is disappointed to leave his friend! I never thought I would meet someone who loves dogs as much as I do!

dog walking testimonialsPatrick S.

I couldn’t have been more pleased with Megan and the job she did with my dog. From the start it was important to her that my dog was comfortable with her surroundings. She gave me a list of things that I might want to bring/do to make it easier on my pet while I was away (and it did). I didn’t request it, but she gave me daily updates on how my dog was doing and even gave her an “exit bath” just because. Megan even washed the dog bedding and toys. Who does that? When I picked up the pooch I couldn’t tell who was more sad to leave, the dog or Megan. Truly and honest dog loving person who goes above and beyond.

dog walking testimonialSarah H.

We could not be happier with Megan or the numerous services she provides. With a hectic schedule Megan is ALWAYS able to accommodate our pet sitting/pet walking needs & both of our boys love her. She is the only individual other than our immediate family members that we trust with transport. Finding Megan has provided a tremendous amount of comfort when we can not be with our canine kids.

baltimore dog walkingMeredith D.

Megan is amazing with animals. She treats them like her children. I have trusted Megan with my dog Maggie for many years. She is reliable, trustworthy, caring and fun! Your animal would be lucky to have Megan. She is the dog whisperer!!

baltimore dog walkingKelly G

Megan has been a joy to work with. She walks our dog, Molly, 2-3 times a week. Molly is a rescue pit bull type pup with some reactive issues. We are rehabilitating and training our pup, so it is important that any professional that interacts with Molly maintains consistency with her training. For example, Molly is not to jump, demand bark, pull when walking, and is to sit pretty before going out the door. Megan consistently reinforces all of these behaviors. When they come back from their walk, Megan lets me know how the walk went, how Molly behaved (good and not so good). This helps us continue her training. The best part is that Molly loves Megan and has developed a bond with Megan. Molly definitely looks forward to walks with Megan!