K9dness Baltimore Dog Walking Services

A good pet care provider is one that cherishes your furry family member as much as you do!  We want to know which spot to scratch, what treats they go gaga for, and where they love to play. K9dness Dog Walking is about acknowledging your pet’s favorite sniffing tree, their squirrel fetishes, and curb-side manner.  We work and communicate with you so you are always part of the adventures our Baltimore dog walking world brings.  We know we are the highlight of your dog’s day while you are at work or on vacation and we take pride in exercising your dog.

K9dness Dog Walking is essential to a puppy’s day. A balanced dog requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. Fresh air, caring friends, and life’s daily adventures gives them a pep in their step like nothing else can. The pleasure of dog walking comes from a puppy’s curiosity satisfied. A fulfilled trot on our way home means our dog walker’s job was a success.

We offer a range of dog walking lengths for the every dog. Short-snouted dogs, such as Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and pugs, tend to need 30-minute walking sessions while larger breeds and high energy terriers may need longer sessions to really obtain a satisfying walk.  Our walks not only provide your dog with much-needed exercise, but it also engages their mind so that you can come home to a calm and peaceful dog.

No matter what your pup needs we will work with you and your dog to find the optimal time frame for your dog walking session. To get the full experience, every dog walking client is provided with a Dog Journal for our walker’s ‘After Walk’ notes, an option to receive SMS text updates, and a free initial walk!

Check out these candid walking photos from a session with one of our repeat clients:


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